Deities of Hinduism

CategoryObject of worship or veneration or reverence
Physical Natural forces like Agni (fire); Varuna (water); Indra (rain). Super beings and objects like huge trees, mountains, powerful animals.
Great men, heroes, prophets, ancestors
Mental or abstract We are sure all this exists, but can not be described in terms of physical laws. Life force (prana), consciousness in the individual; Mental states like happiness, anger; Satyam (truth), Laxmi (wealth), Saraswathi (Knowledge), Yama (death)
Unknown or beyond explanation Spirits (ancestors and other natural); soul (atma); creator of the universe (Paramatma);
Deities have evolved from Vedic Gods; Local Tribal Gods; Great Personalities; and from other cultures like middle east, greece/rome, China.... The chief Vedic Gods are Brahma the creator. Vishnu the protector God of extensor and pervasiveness and Siva the preserver and destroyer.

localized deities

Some localized deities like goddess Kali and Manasa are popular in Bengal, also become universally accepted in Hinduism over a period of time viz.
Mata Santoshi and Goddess Vaishnadevi of northern India, Srivenkatesh of Tirupati, South India. The trends of localized manifestation of some deities and universalisation of serene local deities are of great sociological significance.