God created everything including us. We created names and forms for God.
God created everyone unique. We created groups based on birth, possessions, colour and belief
God distributed planets,stars and galaxies in the sky. We invented astronomical patterns and astrology.
God by definition, created all of us. So, God is universal to all including non-believers.
Secular means respecting all religions or belief systems. Equal treatment to every belief system including agnostics/atheists.

Metaphors (more to come)

The definition of a metaphor is "a figure of speech containing an implied comparison, in which a word or phrase ordinarily and primarily used of one thing is applied to another." A situation is compared to a real thing, although the situation is not actually that particular thing. So, metaphors are right up to a point and wrong after that point. It is just to understand a complex concept in simple words.
Different people have given different interpretations for some universal truths (from their own view point). You can take whatever appeals to you.
  • God is like ocean and we human beings are drops. Ocean is responsible for the creation of drops which exists and goes back to the ocean. In the same manner human beings are created by God and they returns back to God
  • God is the ocean and we are the waves. Waves exist temporarily and merges with the ocean.
  • Both God and the living entity are known as atma. God is called Paramatma, and the living entity is called the jiva atma. Both are the same, and this knowledge causes liberation.
  • Paramatma is the unified whole, characterized by multiple forms. All diversity is subsumed to a unified whole.
Like the individual droplets rising from a pool of water, we exist as a unique individual entity for a brief moment. Then we rejoin the pool of "life force" from which we originated.
We could never reconstuct it, with the exact same molecules and impurities.
It will again become part of the whole from which new droplets will be created. We will cease to be the "I" when we die, and merge back into the "us", from which will come a new, future "I"s consciousness somewhere in our universe.
Paramatma or God is "US"
Jivatma or self is "I"