Summary given below is based on presentations. Actual presentation uses pictures, links to web sites and concrete examples. This is my personal research and views are mine
There is Great Super power with in us. That Super power or Supreme reality is Truth, Knowledge and Infinity

My God

My God is: formless; infinite; neither male nor female; eternal; and beyond space and time. I connect with this absolute reality through prayer. I do not argue about the existence of God and try to prove/disprove related theories, as concept of God is beyond all human knowledge.
God is known Unknown (We know there should be some thing like ultimate reality, but do not know exactly what it is) .
Born Hindu, I also worship the God though forms and symbols.
I believe in worshipping:
1) Devas (natural forces and objects like earth, mountains and rivers; abstract things such as compassion, youthfulness, anger and death; mystical phenomena; and super beings);
2) Rishis (teachers, heroes, great personalities and prophets) ; and
3) pithrus (ancestors).

Why Prayer

Universal God