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Non commercial web site of personal collections, available to every one. Use it if you find them useful. Encouraged to copy and distribute if needed.
Following videos made with mobile phone. Aim is to make it simple and quick. No editing. Problem with editing software, is they are complex. They take lot of efforts.

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  1. Muruga - Evolution of Muruga worship
  2. Selected saivite saints
  3. Abhirami Anthadhi Abirami Devi as divine mother
  4. Great 3 hindu monks Pattinatthar Savach samiyar Bhrartruhari
  5. Brief on Indian Calendars
  6. All places/towns are our own and everyone our kin - யாதும் ஊரே! யாவரும் கேளிர்!
  7. Natrinai 226 on sustainability, contentment, minimalism

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Nara has been interested in Hindusim from early days. Now he devotes much of his personal time in understanding asian culture, beliefs and languages. He was an active researcher for language Observatory Program. He visited many holy places in India, Nepal, SriLanka, Cambodia, Bali, Java to understand evolution of Indian religion and spread of Indian culture to south east asia. He has given many talks on Indian astronomy, Philosophy, Science and IT industry.