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Astrology and Astronomy

Many will always believe in astrology, because of unknown and uncertain future. Humans are uncomfortable with unknown and uncertain things. All have fear of unknown. They look for some one who knows or seems to know tell them some thing. "Events would occur as warned by ancient saints/elders", makes people happy. This is the trick of religious heads also, who can act as if things can be predicted or manipulated with his/her extra ordinary powers. (black swan theory?)
All ancient cultures believed to different extent, that celestial bodies in the sky can provide a map of the future has fascinated mankind.
  • Astrologers try to understand the destiny of people based on very limited data like the time of birth and the latitude and longitude of the place of birth. Many believes that destiny is that part of our lives which is pre determined even before our birth.
  • Astrology is an elaborate system of knowledge and there are voluminous work on predictions based on the position of stars and planets and the inter-relation existing between them and the various phenomena on earth including human life. Different systems do not agree with one another. Even though there are variations in definition of Astrology there is agreement on importance of the time and place of birth.
  • In horoscope or birth chart, Moon represents our thought or mind, whereas Sun signifies our action and ascendant denotes our body respectively.
  • There are many scientific arguments against the reliability and accuracy of Astrology.
  • There are many systems of Astrology, each having their own methods diametrically opposed to each other. There is no unanimity in the standardisation of interpretation. Most predictions are so generalised that it would be hard for them not to be at least partially accurate.
  • Some experts say that only trends can be predicted. Events are dependent on many factors and birth chart matters less than 20%.
  • It may be safe to conclude: The planets and stars have some influence on events and human behaviour. But events on earth are not solely influenced by celestial bodies or their position. Celestial bodies do have a limited influence on human lives. The accuracy of a horoscope is directly dependent on the power of interpretation and intuition of an astrologer.

Personal Views of Nara (website author)

There are hidden patterns every where, in life events, natural events etc. But difficult to understand patterns to sufficient accuracy. This is similar to less understood science subject. Newtons laws of motion are well understood, and movement of an object can be predicted. But turbulent fluid flow is difficult. If at all ASTROLOGY is science, there is no proper cause effect model and complicated subject.

Every one may have some special/rare skills in certain things (three sigma person or outlayers). They may see/feel/experience hidden patterns.

Assuming, there is destiny, it can not be 100% effective to decide one's future. In tamil, there is two things: Destiny/fate (விதி) and deliberation/freewill (மதி).

Like two sides of coin, all exist as pair. There is no one side coin. That is universal law.

Yin Yang = Pattern Chaos = Potential Kinetic = Destiny freewill = விதி மதி
விதி மதியை வெல்லும் - மதி விதியை வெல்லும் (that is life)
Can change destiny with Strategy/deed/action - Whatever you do, result depends on luck

Sometimes, born poor or disadvantged fight with effort. Like you are pushed down stream with water current (fate). You can swim against also.

Similarly, you do a bad thing or create an accident. By good luck you escape unhurt. By bad luck, you get hurt, even when you are very careful and do a correct thing

Life is like an arrow fired with Starting energy/direction. Along the way, it gets changed with applied forces.

Can ASTROLOGY be science?

Some studies show that the average success rate was no different from the 50% expected by chance, that is it was no better than tossing a coin. Still, many well educated (including scientists) believe in astrology. Difficult to say, many educated people are wrong.

Shawn Carlson, published a paper in 1985 in Nature Magazine, Vol. 318, page 419–425. "date and time of birth could be used to predict aspects of personality". The work got full support of the most prestigious astrologers in the United States. With this major publication in a major journal, astrology was completely discredited. Shawn was later awarded a MacArthur “genius” fellowship for this and other outstanding work he did.

On Lighter side

Long, long ago. Back in the times of knights and Kings and Princesses, there wer fortune tellers - whose job it was to help the King plan for things. They would observe stars, roll dice, look into their crystal ball and tell the King that, yes it was okay to go to war or do certain work. When it worked and they were well rewarded.
Well these astrologers were a clever and they managed to invent new reasons, when things do not work. If they could not convince, they may even loose their life. War victory prediction was the safest. If they are right, King wins and rewards them. If they are wrong, King will not be alive to punish them.
If they were wrong, the king will not be alive to punish them. AStrologers survive in any situation. Now they have become investment brokers. They make lot of money by bonus and all, if predictions are correct. If wrong, company sinks. They have got their salary anyway.

Now there are scientific method to predict future. Even share market prediction is like astrology. Astrologers used modern methods to predict, but not much improvement in success rates.

Below some Information on Indian (Hindu) astrology, based on astronomy:


Sanskrit NameWestern/Greek NameTattva (Element)QualityRuling PlanetPart of Body
(1)Meṣa (मेष) "ram"Aries ("ram")Tejas (Fire)Cara (Movable)Marshead
(2)Vṛṣabha (वृषभ) "bull"Taurus ("bull")Prithivi (Earth)Sthira (Fixed)Venusmouth
(3)Mithuna (मिथुन) "twins"Gemini ("twins")Vayu (Air)Dvisvabhava (Dual)Mercuryarms
(4)Karkaṭa (कर्कट) "crab"Cancer ("crab")Jala (Water)Cara (Movable)Moontwo sides
(5)Siṃha (सिंह) "lion"Leo ("lion")Tejas (Fire)Sthira (Fixed)Sunheart
(6)Kanyā (कन्या) "girl"Virgo ("virgin")Prithivi (Earth)Dvisvabhava (Dual)Mercurydigestive system
(7)Tulā (तुला) "balance"Libra ("balance")Vayu (Air)Cara (Movable)Venusumbilical area
(8)Vṛścika (वृश्चिक) "scorpion"Scorpio ("scorpion")Jala (Water)Sthira (Fixed)Marsgenerative organs
(9)Dhanus (धनुष) "bow"Sagittarius ("archer")Tejas (Fire)Dvisvabhava (Dual)Jupiterthighs
(10)Makara (मकर) "sea-monster"Capricorn ("goat-horned")Prithivi (Earth)Cara (Movable)Saturnknees
(11)Kumbha (कुम्भ) "pitcher"Aquarius ("water-pourer")Vayu (Air)Sthira (Fixed)SaturnLower part of legs
(12)Mīna (मीन) "fish"Pisces ("fish")Jala (Water)Dvisvabhava (Dual)Jupiterfeet

Basic difference between western astrology and Indian astrology is that the western astrology is based on Sun, whereas Indian astrology or Vedic astrology is based on Moon. if the Moon is in Aries at the time of one’s birth, the baby will be known as Aries or in Sanskrit it calls Mesha rashi. The rest of the Lunar signs as Taurus (Vrisha ), Gemini (Mithuna ), Cancer (Karkata ), Leo (Simha ), Virgo (Kanya ), Libra (Tula ), Scorpio (Vrischika ), Sagittarius (Dhanu ), Capricorn (Makar ), Aquarius (Kumbha ) and Pisces (Meena ) respectively.

Traits Based on Moon Rashi

Moon represents our thought or mind, whereas Sun signifies our action and ascendant denotes our body respectively. Basic difference between western astrology and Indian astrology is that the western astrology is based on Sun, whereas Indian astrology or Vedic astrology is based on Moon. if the Moon is in Aries at the time of one’s birth, the baby will be known as Aries or in Sanskrit it calls Mesha rashi. The rest of the Lunar signs as Taurus (Vrisha ), Gemini (Mithuna ), Cancer (Karkata ), Leo (Simha ), Virgo (Kanya ), Libra (Tula ), Scorpio (Vrischika ), Sagittarius (Dhanu ), Capricorn (Makar ), Aquarius (Kumbha ) and Pisces (Meena ) respectively.
  1. Aries or Mesha Rashi: The Moon influences some parts of description of the human characteristics in Arians life which are remarkable education, noble mother, cosy home, serene happiness and trusted friends; therefore, we can infer here from that Arians are basically learned, happy, highly beloved to mother, home-lover and become good friends. Arians has a natural command over academic field.
  2. Taurus or Vrisha Rashi: Taureans life which are energetic life value, courage, contacts, affectionate younger sibling, best respiratory system; therefore, we can infer here from that Taureans are basically courageous, highly energetic, usually excel in sports and games, highly communicative, usually become successful in the profession like, information technology and endowed with wonderful sibling. Taureans has a natural command over sports and games.
  3. Gemini or Mithuna Rashi: Geminians life which are voice and eloquence, wealth and affluence, huge savings and helpful relatives; therefore, we can infer here from that Geminians are basically eloquent speaker with an attractive voice quality, rich with unlimited wealth and also possess a huge and useful network of relations. Geminians has a natural proficiency on oration. Yearly forecast of Gemini horoscope is given below.
  4. Cancer or Karkata Rashi: Cancerians possesses good health, courage, stamina, enthusiasm, strong will power, ego, gorgeous, sharp brain or intellect. Cancerians are basically energetic, sympathetic, rich and also possess the virtue of highest feeling for those who are in distress. Simultaneously, Cancerians have a nature of selfishness, determined to stand against the evil, which is the solitary mark of distinction making them different from rest of the Zodiac signs. Cancerians excel in academic field, judiciary, as well as in sports and games.
  5. Leo or Simha Rashi: Leonians life which are extrovertism, outgoing personality, prank of extravagance, sense of luxury, indomitable spirit to establish own ideology and strong foot; therefore, we can infer here from that Leos live a very luxurious and expensive life-style with a glittering personality and cherish indigenous philosophy which hardly may keep pace with the traditional concepts. Physically, Leos possess very strong foot as a mark of distinction than the rests. Leos have the strongest and natural instinct for luxury and enjoyment, where they are the model of virtue and champion the definition as well as example.
  6. Virgo or Kanya Rashi: Virgonians life which offers them the highest potentiality to resist evils, strong sense of justice, very attractive personality, versatile talent, huge wealth and affluence, excellent elder sibling, power of meditation, well formed legs with strong immune system; therefore, we can infer here from that Virgonians are basically people of principles with versatile talent and can excel in any trade, usually become renowned lawyer, efficient doctor and outstanding defense personnel. Virgonians are possibly the most resistant group of people in the world, who can even stand alone against corruptions. Yearly forecast of Virgo horoscope is given below.
  7. Libra or Tula Rashi: Librans life which offers them strong sense of justice, very attractive, highly romantic mind, flowery mood, versatile talent, outstanding research, huge wealth and affluence, excellent elder sibling, power of meditation, best respiratory system; therefore, we can infer here from that Librans are basically job oriented, actionist, romantic and possibly the best lover than the rest other Zodiac signs. Librans usually excel in law and judiciary, romantic literature, business and distant ventures, Tours and travels and many more. Librans possess the best work culture, which is simply a unique quality to differentiate them from the rests.
  8. Scorpio or Vrischika Rashi: Scorpians life which offers them good skill in work, sharp aptitude, costly success, weak thighs etc. therefore, we can infer here from that Scorpians are basically skilled person in the field of work, usually excel in research and innovation. Luck is a very tricky factor in the life of the Scorpians, which often may not be seen up to the mark, although they demand more paternal favour but that may tell upon their fathers' health. Scorpians are basically innovator and scientific researcher who discover all the new skills and techniques in work to bring about the best output at ease.
  9. Sagittarius or Dhanu Rashi: Sagittarians life which offers them sharpest sixth sense, fascination to occult science, aggressive fighter, spirituality or piousness, politeness and strong disposal unit in the body; therefore, we can infer here from that Sagittarians are basically intuitive, religious, lucky and fortunate, aggressive fighter but polite in their behavior. Sagittarians often found to excel in the field of profession like, researches and innovation, abstruse or occult science etc. Sagittarians possess the sharpest third eye or power of intuition, which make them different from the rests.
  10. Capricorn or Makar Rashi: Capricornians life which offers them sporting attitude with ardent fascination, success in romantic endeavor, rich spouse, power of innovation and research, success in business and well matured genital organs; therefore, we can infer here from that Capricornians possess magical personality, eminent sports personnel, luxurious, fond of sensual pleasure, successful business magnet, famous visionary with a strong affinity to literary and poetic works and usually become successful in the profession like, business entrusted with academic field, sports and games, travel agent etc.
  11. Aquarius or Kumbha Rashi: Aquarians are extremely luxurious, highly religious, well versed scholars, fond of jewels and perfumes, as well as eminent personalities in arts and music and favored by the maternal relations in family life. But if the Moon is influenced with negativity some parts of description of the human characteristics in Aquarians life causes depression in mind, fear psychosis, prone to diseases due to weaker immune system, weak lower abdomen, loans and debts. Moreover, Aquarians are quite introvert in their attitude, usually excel in profession like, arts and music, economics or financial organizations dealing in loan and debt, medical world and literary works with satire. The most important feature of the Aquarians is that they smell or guess to identify enemy faster than the rests.
  12. Pisces or Meena Rashi: Pisceans life which offers them sharp intellect, wonderful children, brilliant ideas, sense of honor and prestige, strong upper abdomen; therefore, we can infer here from that Pisceans are basically intelligent, dignified, wealthy, possess the highest sensitivity to honor and prestige and extremely affectionate to their children. The most important quality of the Pisceans is that they can produce new ideas within and can implement them, which make them different from the rests of the Zodiac signs.

Traits Based on SUN Rashi

  1. Aries see themselves: FIRST! initiators or leaders. Pioneers in a certain field; fearless; dynamism; energy and magnetic personality; dominating; accomplish great things; strong behavior. Mars, the Roman God of War so, aggressive and brave to a fault. The physical traits strong, sharp facial features; an active body.
  2. Taurus, is all about possessions and rewards. They adore pleasures and beautiful things. They are artistic with a fine taste in everything. The symbol is the Bull which symbolizes their headstrong personality. They expect things to run stable and smooth. The most dependable members of the zodiac. They always get things done. This zodiac sign is ruled by Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, makes them fond of everything pretty. Strive to keep their family happy and blissful. The physical features are attractive and appealing. They boast a strong and well-built physique. Taurus women have a sensuous feel to the way they talk and walk. Adventure sports like mountain climbing, hiking, river rafting, etc. Love nature and like to stay close to it.
  3. Gemini, love to talk. Vast knowledge makes them extremely bright and quick witted. The mascot vouching for Gemini is the Twins, perfectly showcasing their dual nature. Their ability to see both sides of a coin makes exceptional debaters and diplomats. Flexible and adaptable who respond positively to any change. The Gemini sun sign is ruled by the planet Mercury, translates to their communication. They are fast learners and an interesting company, patient listeners. Charming and congenial, swift and articulate and Dexterous and creative. While they are forever ready to go out and play, you’d never find them giving up on a library or book club visit. The Twins have a strong affinity for literature.
  4. Cancer love nurturing and mothering those around them and are peace loving people. Cancer people have a tendency to get crabby, clingy or even moody! Cancer folks are built with an iron-will and are extremely tenacious. The ruling planet of Cancers is the Moon, the God with many faces and moods. Physically active, Cancers are always game for team sports.
  5. Leo, individuals adore limelight. They are talented and entertainers or top leaders. Like Lions, Leos are dignified, strong and powerful. The ruling planet for Leo is the Sun, which makes them feel indispensable to the world. People born under Leo sun sign are hot, dynamic, and courageous. They are extremely passionate about their way of living and strive to lead a comfortable life.
  6. Virgo are the perfectionists, work for the greater good, and unbiased sense of judgment. Ruled by Mercury, they are studious, prone to losing temper and extremely analytical. Reliable and easy going personality. Virgo people are sensible, sensitive and discriminating with great decision making skills.
  7. Libra, peace-loving fair individuals, bring harmony and balance to this world. Strategists, crowd moving leaders, and true diplomats. The Scales, symbolizing their sense of justice, abhor conflict. They stand up for society and great causes. Ruled by Venus, have a refined taste, charming, stylish and artistic. They play fair and keep fun at the highest priority, even more than winning.
  8. Scorpio – mysterious, magical and ability to build themselves up from the ashes.Born detectives and investigators, with a keen sense of intuition. Known for unrivalled survival skills and control over their destinies. They always have an agenda on mind and do not rest until the task is accomplished. They work hard, fearlessly and passionately. Ruled by two planets, Mars and Pluto, they are little aggressive, vengeful and fiercely ambitious. Can be extremely emotional.
  9. Sagittarius is the sign of the explorer. Seekers of truth to get their answers. People born under this sign always eye the big picture and often disregard problems in their way as trivial issues. They are clear thinkers with a tendency to get argumentative and blunt. The ruling planet Jupiter, again reinforces their thirst of knowledge. The Sagittarius people are generous, just and expansive. It is all about action and adventure. Their speed can at times be counted as their impatience. They may grow restless, but they are always jovial, generous and easily adapting.
  10. Capricorn known for its tenacity and hard work, are ambitious. Determined to get to the top, with a realistic, pragmatic approach. Capricorns are built for success and may lead to dominant, egotistical, arrogant personality. Ruled by Saturn, makes them a serious, disciplined, and success-driven. They have a tendency to get a bit materialistic and greedy.
  11. Aquarius are social conscience with a humanitarian and philanthropic bent of mind. They are inventive and original, always bringing forth new untried ideas. Ruled by Saturn and Uranus together, Aquarius are strong and vibrant. They make a stern taskmaster, creative thinker and future forward. Aquarians are fun people to be with who are always surrounded by their family and friends.
  12. Pisces are selfless and spiritual. They are always undergoing an inner journey of their own which makes them highly emotional as well as perceptive. Some are chilled out and very easy going people who don’t mind sacrificing their own work for others’ wishes. They are just and unbiased and often the Pisces decisions originate from their intuitive psychic self. They are compassionate, emotional and often unpredictable.


Tamil nameNakshatraAssociated starsAstronomical Name (No. of stars)Indian zodiacSymbol
AsviniAshviniβ and γ ArietisBeta Arietis (3)0deg - 13deg20' MeshaHorse's head
BaraniBharaniArietis35 Arietis (3)13deg 20' - 26deg40' MeshaYoni
KarthikaiKrittikaPleiadesEta Tauri (6)26deg40' Mesha - 10deg VrishabhaKnife or spear
RohiniRohiniAldebaranAldebaran (5)10deg - 23deg20' VrishabhaCart, temple, banyan tree
MirugasirshamMrigashiaλ, φ OrionisLambda Orionis (3)23deg 20' Vrishabha - 6deg 40' MithunaDeer's head
ThiruvadiraiAridraBetelgeuseAlpha Orionis (1)6deg 40' - 20deg MithunaTeardrop, diamond, a human head
PunarpoosamPunarvasuCastor and PolluxBeta Geminorium (2 to 4)20deg Mithuna - 3deg20' KarkaBow and quiver
PoosamPushyaγ, δ and θ CancriDelta Cancri (3)3deg20' -16deg40' KarkaCow's udder, lotus, arrow and circle
AayilyamAsleshaδ, ε, η, ρ, and σ HydraeAlpha Hydroe (1)16deg40' - 30deg KarkaSerpent
MagamMaghaRegulusRegulus (5)0deg - 13deg20' SimhaRoyal Throne
PooramPurva Phalguniδ and θ LeonisDelta Leonis (2)13deg20' - 26deg40' SimhaFront legs of bed, hammock, fig tree
UttaramUttara PhalguniDenebolaBeta Leonis (2)26deg40' Simha- 10deg KanyaFour legs of bed, hammock
HasthamHastaα, β, γ, δ and ε CorviDelta Corvi (3)10deg - 23deg20' KanyaHand or fist
ChitiraiChitraSpicaSpica Virginis -Vegus (1)23deg20' Kanya - 6deg40' TulaBright jewel or pearl
SwatiSvatiArcturusArcturus (1)6deg40' - 20deg TulaShoot of plant, coral
VisakamVishakhaα, β, γ and ι LibraeAlpha Libroe (2)20deg Tula - 3deg20' VrishchikaTriumphal arch, potter's wheel
AnushamAnuradhaβ, δ and π ScorpionisDelta Scorpio (4)3deg20' - 16deg40' VrishchikaTriumphal archway, lotus
KettaiJyeshthaα, σ, and τ ScorpionisAntares (3)16deg40' - 30deg Vrishchikacircular amulet, umbrella, earring
MoolamMulaε, ζ, η, θ, ι, κ, λ, μ and ν ScorpionisLambda Scorpio (11)0deg - 13deg20' DhanusBunch of roots tied together, elephant goad
PooradamPurva Ashadhaδ and ε SagittariiDelta Sagittari (2)13deg20' - 26deg40' DhanusElephant tusk, fan, winnowing basket
UttaradamUttara Ashadhaζ and σ SagittariiSigma sagittari (3)26deg40' Dhanus - 10deg MakaraElephant tusk, small bed
Abhijitα, ε and ζ Lyrae - Vega
ThiruvonamShravanaα, β and γ AquilaeAlpha Aquiloe (3)10deg - 23deg20' MakaraEar or Three Footprints
AvittamDhanishthaα to δ DelphiniBeta Delphinum (4)23deg20' Makara - 6deg40' KumbhaDrum or flute
SadayamShatabhishaγ AquariiLambda Aquarius (100)6deg40' - 20deg Kumbha ;Empty circle, flowers or stars
PurattadhiPurva Bhadraα and β PegasiAlpha Pegasi (2)20deg Kumbha - 3deg20' Meena ;Swords or two front legs of cot, man with two faces
UttarattadhiUttaea Bhadraγ Pegasi and α AndromedaeGama Pegasi (2)3deg20' - 16deg40' Meena ;Twins, back legs of cot, snake in the water
RevathiRevatiζ PisciumZeta Piscum (32)16deg40' - 30deg MeenaPair of fish, drum

Tamil nameNameRulerDeityMeaningPurpose
AsviniAśvini (अश्विनि))KetuSaraswathi, Gods physicianswife of the AshvinsDharma
BaraniBharaṇī (भरणी)VenusDurgai, god of death or Dharmathe bearerArtha
KarthikaiKṛttikā (कृत्तिका)SunAgninurses of KārttikeyaKama
RohiniRohini(रोहिणी)MoonBrahma or Prajapatithe red one, a name of Aldebaran, brāhmīMoksha
MirugasirshamMṛgaśīrsha (म्रृगशीर्षा)MarsSoma, Chandrathe deer's head, āgrahāyaṇīMoksha
ThiruvadiraiĀrdrā (आर्द्रा)RahuShiva or Rudra the storm godthe moist oneKama
PunarpoosamPunarvasu (पुनर्वसु)JupiterAditi, mother of the gods(dual), two restorers of goods, the two chariotsArtha
PoosamPuṣya (पुष्य)SaturnBrihaspatithe nourisher, sidhyaDharma
AayilyamĀshleṣā (आश्लेषा)MercuryAdhisesha or Nagasthe embraceDharma
MagamMaghā (मघा)KetuSukra or Pitrs family ancestorsthe bountifulArtha
PooramPūrva or Pūrva Phalgunī (पूर्व फाल्गुनी)VenusParvathy, god of marital bliss and prosperityfirst reddish oneKama
UttaramUttara or Uttara Phalgunī (उत्तर फाल्गुनी)SunSurya, god of patronage and favourssecond reddish oneMoksha
HasthamHasta (हस्त)MoonSasthan, Saviti or Suryathe handMoksha
ChitiraiCitrā (चित्रा)MarsVishvakarman, the celestial architect, Indrathe bright oneKama
SwatiSvātī (स्वाति)RahuVaayuname of ArcturusArtha
VisakamViśākhā (विशाखा)JupiterKumara, Agni, god of Fireforked, having branches, rādhā the giftDharma
AnushamAnurādhā (अनुराधा)SaturnLaxmi, Mitrafollowing rādhāDharma
KettaiJyeṣṭha (ज्येष्ठा)MercuryIndrathe eldest, most excellentArtha
MoolamMūla (मूल)KetuAsurar, Nirrti, goddess of dissolution and destructionthe rootKama
PooradamPūrva Ashādhā (पूर्वाषाढ़ा)VenusVaruna, god of Waterthe invincible oneMoksha
UttaradamUttara Aṣāḍhā (उत्तराषाढ़ा)SunGanapathi, Visvedevas, universal godssecond of the aṣāḍhāMoksha
ThiruvonamŚrāvaṇa (श्र‌ावण)MoonVishnuShravanaArtha
AvittamŚrāviṣṭha (श्रविष्ठा) or DhaniṣṭhaMarsEight vasus, deities of earthly abundanceShravishthā - most famous, Dhanishta - swiftestDharma
SadayamŚatabhiṣā (शतभिषा)or ŚatatarakaRahuYama, god of cosmic waters, sky and earth,requiring a hundred physiciansDharma
PurattadhiPūrva Bhādrapadā (पूर्वभाद्रपदा)JupiterKubera, an ancient fire dragonfirst of the blessed feetArtha
UttarattadhiUttara Bhādrapadā (उत्तरभाद्रपदा)Saturnkamadhenu, dragon of the deepsecond of the blessed feetKama
RevathiRevatī (nakṣatra) (रेवती)MercurySani, nourisher, the protective deityprosperousMoksha

Traits Based on Nakshatra (of Moon)

  1. Ashwini: Good looking appearance; gentle personable manners; intelligent; skilled in work
  2. Competent worker who performs above average on the job; intelligent; self sufficient; natural healer; helps others; moderate habits; dresses well; good finances; attractive; powerful; intuitive; idealistic; spiritually inclined; adventurous; independent; strong; powerful; charming; playful nature; nurturer; traveler; loves family. Hastiness in action compromises efficiency; impulsiveness; desire to pursue new experiences in life causes a weakness in finishing things; aggressive; stubborn; wants to do things their own way; disappointed when things do not go as planned; dissatisfied; arrogant; lack of mental quietude; over passionate.
  3. Bharani: Success in work, capable, truthful, and free from diseases & grief.
  4. Clever and able to do tasks fast; desires new experiences; spontaneous; dutiful; loyal to family and friends; courageous attitude; good health/longevity; talented in career; satisfied; leader - does well in public life; creative; artistic; materialistic. Over burdened; has too much to do; restless; amoral; fickle; too clever; resists control and restraint; stubborn; childlike; vulnerable; vigor bothers others; don't pace themselves; needs discipline; irritable; impatient; potential to burnout; sexually indulgent; vane; moralist; judgmental.
  5. Krittika: Determined and tenacious will to achieve greatness; sharp; cutting and penetrating by nature.
  6. Famous within their group; handsome appearance; self motivated; determined achiever; materialistic - acquires many possessions; bright; strong appetites - likes food; goal oriented; goes for what they want; dignified; takes pride in what they do; good leader; honors commitments; confident; courageous; straightforward; peaceful nature; ambitious. Unstable mind; changeable; vacillating; stubborn; dissatisfied; impatient; responds too strongly to challenges; sets goals or expectations too high; burns out their health by constant activity; nervous; excitable; aggressive; passive-aggressive; fighting nature; difficulties with food and eating; gluttonous; motivated by desire; child-like nature.
  7. Rohini: Emphasis on spiritual liberation, truthful, not covetous, clean in habits, sweet of speech, firm of views, good looking
  8. Lovely appearance; charismatic; good communicator and listener; attractive; inner strength; affects others; strong public life; gentle manner; comforting; truthful; moral orientation; smooth talker; sharp; balanced mind; fixed in purpose; well educated; does well financially; dutiful to the family; responsible; helps others; gifted in the arts; healthy; non-envious. Indulgent; materialistic; takes advantage of others through manipulation and deception; sexually or sensually indulgent; critical of others; possessive of individuals or ideology; jealous; overly sensitive; changeable; addictive; indecisive.
  9. Mrigashira: Spiritual intelligence and research abilities - primary motivation spiritual liberation, lack firm or fixed views, capable yet timid, good speech, active habits.
  10. Strong individuality; sharp intelligence; natural leader; action oriented; witty; curious; seeks new knowledge; perceptive and sensitive; likes good clothing and accessories; gains many pleasures in life; enjoys singing, writing, talking, and speaking; creative; articulate in a number of subjects - enjoys debates and arguments; enthusiastic; youthful; clever; curious; hopeful; rapid learning ability; focus is more mental than physical; friendly; fun; have a number of friends and romantic interests; sensual; hard workers; affluent. Impulsive; flirtatious; fickle; needs constant attention; multiple partnerships; craves sensation; not committed; burns out from seeking too much excitement; bores easily; scattered; critical; biting
  11. Ardra: Emphasis on the mind or thinking capacity - deep feeling along with passionate thinking - motivated by desire.
  12. Curious mind; hunger for knowledge; quick in action; good memory; prefers physical work or work involving the body; good at getting support from the government or authorities; great communicator; truthful; have a transformative point in life at which point they drop many of their bad traits; compassionate towards those in pain. Arrogant; abuses power; lusts after material attainments; ungrateful; mischievous; reckless; physically oriented jobs; anti-social; mean streak causes pain to others; self-serving; dishonest; stubborn; critical; impolite; untruthful; poor financial planning; excessive indulgences; cause pain or agony to others; violent; complaining.
  13. Punarvasu: Intellectual and spiritual wisdom, material prosperity, good natured, quiet, patient, devout, lives in comfort.
  14. Caring; loving; nurturing; easily contented; friendly good natured; simplistic life; lives in the moment; generous; shares with others; religious inclinations; interested in spiritual writings and philosophies; potential in the communications field - can be good writers and inspiring speakers; profound imagination; purifies self to make spiritual progress; ability to connect with others; successful projects. Simplistic approach to life interpreted as a lack of intelligence; lack of material drive due to focus on spirituality; lack of foresight gets them into complications including frequent moving; unstable relationships; and multiple jobs/careers; fickle nature; indecisive; frequently ill; critical; over intellectualize life; gets bored too easily in life.
  15. Pushya: In control of passions, well liked, learned in various subjects, rich and fond of doing charitable acts.
  16. Hard working; creative; tolerant of pain; intelligent; learned; liked by many; spiritual; intuitive wisdom; helps others; make good advisors and public servants; independent; interested in education and humanitarian causes; philanthropic; socially adept; make people feel wanted; selfless; good finances; respected; moderate; have spiritual practice; passionate and defensive about the things they believe in. Stubborn; selfish; arrogant; overly talkative; dogmatic; fundamentalist; overly sensitive; doubtful of their worth due to what others say about them; devotion can turn to victimization; get defrauded by believing in the wrong people; insecurities inhibit growth.
  17. Aslesha: Motivated by dharma represents the kundalini or serpent fire located at the base of the spine.
  18. Philosophical; intelligent; versatile; clever; independent; has a number of different jobs; entertainer; learned; leadership qualities; can accomplish much when motivated; good income; mystical; puts great energy into things that interest them; seductive nature; benefit from spiritual work. Mental instability; worrisome; depressed nature; deceitful; non caring attitude; impolite; tactless; unpopular; lacks social skills; rule breakers; hoarding mentality; possessive; secretive; talkative; lacks appreciation; scattered and unproductive; reckless; disconnected; temperamental; lie to serve their needs; vindictive; introspective; reclusive; ungrateful; blunt.
  19. Magha: Has numerous servants, inclination to worship gods and ancestors, engagement in important work
  20. Clear; intelligent; many admirers; positive; conservative; balanced; respectful to others; kind; helps others; love life and parties; dependable; likes to be honored for accomplishments; respectful of traditions; enjoys ceremonies; follows chains of command; does well when praised; likes to be served and given attention. Arrogant; hot tempered; prejudiced; jealousy; severe nature; resentful; has a strong dislike for those who dislike them or who treat them with disrespect; discontented when fail to meet goals; too high standards; susceptible to flattery; cruel to those who don't show them respect; racial superiority; sensuality can create problems.
  21. Purva Phalguni: sweet speech, generosity, a habit of wandering, government service.
  22. Creative; intelligent, active; charming; sincere; leadership skills; carefree; focus is on the body; physical approaches to healing; open minded; sweet speech; generous; wants fame and attention; faithful to issues and those they believe in; mystical nature; spokesperson; aristocratic; cultured; refined; gifted in the fine arts; youthful; exuberant; loving; good relationships. Vanity; indulgent; impulsive mind; severe; promiscuous nature; narcissism; reckless; focused on getting what they want; spends carelessly - creates debt; addictive personality; hates being uncomfortable; needs stimulation; becomes depressed if do not get what they want; vindictive; lack of planning; unmotivated.
  23. Uttara Phalguni: Emphasis on healing others. Earn money by their learning, liked by all, live a life in comfort and luxury.
  24. Popular; hard worker; ambitious; benefits from those in power; good communicator; successful; friendly; reliable; focused; happy nature; loves luxury and comfort; material desires are fulfilled; capacity for enjoying life; liberal yet has fixed principles; balanced leader; happy; socially adept; generally fortunate; generous; kind; compassionate; courage; endurance; spiritual and mental advancements. Promiscuous; over-giving; egotistical; restless; inconsiderate of others feelings; obstinate; disdainful; bossy; vain; arrogant; takes too much for themselves; stubborn; critical; resentful; a social climber; may be sad or angry under a happy smile; lack belief in their own power.
  25. Hasta: Purity of thought and deed as well as self-control, active habits, full of resources.
  26. Creative; pleasant; humorous; skilled in the arts; charming; practical; attractive; wealth late in life; many relationships; generous; unattached; intelligent; persuasive; cordial; weighs their words to avoid expressing anger; self-motivated; in control; focused on acquisition; good at defending and promoting their own interests; understands the value of social rituals and courtesies; skilled in providing service; thick-skinned; takes advantage of opportunities in new areas or in foreign lands; dexterous; determined; industrious worker; easily changes. Likes competition and conflicts; restless - want spiritual experiences; changeable; con artist; self interest; emotionally unsettled; need to control lower self; unabashed; mistrustful; overindulgence in pleasuring themselves; nasty; mechanical in dealing with those who provide them no advantage; abuse of drugs; controlling; alcohol; and/or food to cope; critical when under stress; suppressed; health issues.
  27. Chitra: attractive, sociable, intelligent, and natural leaders.
  28. Attractive; artistic; great lovers; independent; natural leader who wants to make an impact on life; sociable; perceptive; high-spirited; elegant; conversant; dignified; judicious; business skills; happy; well dressed and well groomed; well read; drawn to philosophy and social thought; does well outside their place of birth or in foreign countries; handy; incline toward more physical expressions of art such as sculpture; printmaking; competent designer. Smug; conceited; easily bored; self centered; attracted to exciting yet negligent mates; quarrelsome; critical; too quick to challenge someone's point of view; corrupt; amoral; may not focus enough on saving money.
  29. Swati: Sweet, soft spoken, virtuous, compassionate, mild, quiet nature, controls passions and desires, skilled in trade, merciful, charitable.
  30. Tender; moral; able in business - clever in trade and commerce; truth-seeking; studious; meek; truthful; humanitarian - cares about others; thinks before acting; accurate; reduces things to their simplest components; uncorrupted; friendly; positive outlook; disciplined; seeks harmony; generous; active in spiritual organizations or humanitarian causes; likes to be around religious or well integrated people; interested in scientific or philosophical thought; independent; traveler; persuasive communication. Do not know their limitations resulting in loss of money; status; and respect; creates debt due to high expenses; discontented due to lofty goals; restless; critical; fault finding; not concerned with family; shy; monastic; self isolating; secretive; hides their passions and sexual urges; gives too much away; absurd creative thinking; vulnerable to the whims of others; hot tempered.
  31. Vishakha: energy strength and potential power, bright in appearance, distinct in speaking, skilled at making money.
  32. Intelligence of the highest order; bright appearance; attracts others; clever; has respect for intelligent and spiritual people; enterprising; self-satisfied; determined; gets things done; humanitarian; politically inclined; can appear soft but is very powerful underneath; excellent communicator; persuasive speech; leadership qualities; truthful; sexually alluring; a good mate in marriage; benefits through marriage; traveling and through change; mathematical talent; courageous; powerful achiever. Overly talkative; negative; militant; creates quarrels between people; restless; covetous of other's success; feels isolated; critical of others; fault finding; infidelity; too much ambition - spread too thin; manipulate others to meet their own needs; socially isolated; not open to advice; offensive; stingy; not easy to like; greedy; deceitful; aggressive; domineering; quick to take offense; argumentative; jealous; frustration and anger when goals impeded; suspicious; possessive; envious; feels suppressed and taken advantage of by others; too many interests; not satisfied by accomplishments; restlessness - change partners
  33. Anuradha: Rich, live in foreign countries, unable to bear hunger, move from place to place.
  34. Wise; spirited; fun-loving; attractive; vigorous; well-liked; spiritual seeker; interested in ancient knowledge; hard working; capacity for astrology; devoted; brave; enjoys travel; healthy; accommodates many people; enjoys social life and organizations; benefits more if they live away from their place of birth; ability to attract and maintain friendships; cooperates with others; ability to lead and form alliances. Has remorse; guarded; cut off; deceitful; held back by others; can not cope with hunger or thirst; emotionally needy; rebellious; adheres to bad advice and suffers consequences; jealous and controlling of others; unaware of their effect on others which results in problems; may be melancholic due to a lack of maternal nurturing; anger issues; moves frequently due to dissatisfaction; tries too hard in terms of spiritual progress.
  35. Jyeshtha: Mental brilliance and analytical ability, few friends, cheerful and virtuous.
  36. Most successful of their family; keeps friends and builds a good support network; generous; self-reliant; eventually wealthy; takes charge of the family; passionate response to love; reputable; receives fame and honors; takes control; gets things done when they want to; virtuous; satisfied; talented at music; capacity for inventive design; creative genius; interested in the occult; can accomplish anything they set their minds to; want to make a difference. Angry; has family problems; too intense for others; self-important; egotism; hides their feelings and intentions; peaceful demeanor covers impatience and immorality; conniving; control freak; makes other dependent on them to gain control; possessive; dramatizes illness and troubles to gain sympathy; has many illnesses; many job changes; early troubles in life; tormented; hypocritical and secretive behavior.
  37. Mula: Possess a deep philosophical nature and an inquisitive mind that enjoys exploring the roots of any subject. Haughty, rich, happy, not inclined to injure others, Firm and fixed opinions, live in luxury.
  38. Proud; good-looking; skillful in persuading or manipulating people to serve their needs; politician; careful; clever; able to live a comfortable life; good fortune; determined to succeed; learned; public speaking skills; spiritual advisor; generous; successful; determined; fortune in foreign lands; likes to live well; peace loving; adventurous; brave; explorer; face adversity with composure. Insecure; others do not trust them; too goal-focused; does not genuinely care about others; arrogant; self-destructive; headstrong; sabotages their own achievements; has many affairs and/or marriages that don't work out; low tolerance for boredom; create own insecurities; indecisive; fickle in relationships; arrogance; selfishness; lust and anger; low boredom threshold; takes and give little back; accommodating to other people to get what they want.
  39. Purvashada: agreeable spouse, a proud nature, strong attachment to friends.
  40. Artistic; good-looking; influential - influences many; well-liked; polite; faithful to friends; intelligent; good manager but prefers to be in service; valuable employee; simple life; supportive; courageous; humble; influential; wealth; loves good meals; has a enjoyable relationship with spouse; capable of having many children; truth-seeking; changeable. Egotistical; inflexible; superiority complex; others regard them as crude or immature; angry; not open to advice; have low-paying and hardworking jobs; incompetent manager; bouts of loud and disturbing behavior; lacking in education or preparation; dictatorial; obstinate; leave behind partners when they can not keep up with their ability to change; settles for less.
  41. Uttarashada: a quest for the spiritual unknown, total involvement in any task and penetrate deeply into some aspect of knowledge. Obedient, learned in the rules of virtue, grateful, many friends, return favors, liked.
  42. Virtuous; intelligent; fun-loving; leadership qualities - good politicians; well-liked; devoted to friends - can relate to others; grateful; idealistic with high goals; kind; modest; has some knowledge that sets them apart; interested in learning and advocating topics that concern them; enjoys reading to gain knowledge; benefits through travels; tolerant; wants fair play and justice; sympathetic ear; devoted to companions; good manners; leadership skills; appreciative of others. Multiple marriages or marriage like relationships; overly anxious; takes on too many people's problems and gets stressed out; obstinate; self centered; self indulgent; too long in a destructive relationship; changes residence many times; early adversity in life; constantly active; apathetic; fails to complete what they start.
  43. Shravana: Prosperous, learned, liberal-minded spouse, riches, wide-fame.
  44. Cordial in business; intelligent; success in foreign lands; lives a prosperous; balanced and modest life; ethical; studies scriptures and ancient knowledge; kind; drawn to working for social and humanitarian causes - good writers and teachers; helps others transform their lives; has a good marriage and a helpful partner; good speech; fame in the world; wealth; creative; quick learner; kind; charitable; knowledge to transcend the material world. Giving nature can lead to debts and poverty; overly open-minded; unyielding nature; extreme views concerning ethics; develop opposition or even adversaries; hypersensitive; enemies due to issues with jealousy; gossips.
  45. Dhanishtha: A liberal, rich person, brave and fond of music.
  46. Insightful; perceptive; earns a good living; charitable giving; brave; does well in foreign countries; lives on both spiritual and material levels; liberal; compassionate; bold; good conversationalist; enjoys music and dance; good organizational abilities; ambitious; concerned with accomplishments and developing their careers; likes old and mystifying things; skilled in astrology. Aggressive; ruthless; inconsiderate; worried; can hurt others; makes up stories; lies; withholds information; don't like to be told what to do; argumentative; too talkative; select incompatible companions; lusts after material; careless; sexual difficulties; delayed/denied marriage; wants everything for themselves; covetous of other's success; self absorbed; narcissistic.
  47. Shatabhisha: harsh in their speech but truthful, suffer grief but conquer enemies, thoughtlessly engage in works, independent ways.
  48. Truthful; sharp minds; perceptive; emotionally controlled; interested in getting to the bottom of things; prosperous; economical; clever; able to defend themselves; enterprising; interested in astrology and other mysterious subjects; likes to solve puzzles; provides good service; finds happiness within themselves; strong principles; charitable; writing skills; good memory; daring; bold; artistic nature; defeats enemies. Lonesomeness; melancholic; lacks self confidence; restricted; life is duty; quiet yet will blurt things out in an unrefined manner; con artist; unstable; argumentative; uncommunicative; hides their true intentions; miser; dependent on others to meet their needs; problems in relationships; feels intensely restrained or mentally anguished; problematic relationships with children and siblings; secretive - keep weaknesses to themselves; lack self confidence; stubborn.
  49. Purva Bhadrapada: scholarly intelligent, skilled at making money.
  50. Unique; eccentric; devoted to those who impress them; scholarly; witty; good logical skill; prosperity through cleverness; mystical beings; good at reading people; gets money from the government or from wealthy or executive people; economical; acts happy; lives a long life; could marry into a wealthy family or be born into one; spiritual depth; a warrior; intuition; passionate; good speakers; skilled at earning an income; visionary idealistic; universal goals; march to their own beat; fights injustice; campaigner; good writers; imaginative; self reliant; strong. Cynical; a worrier; a bit odd; gloomy; angry; impulsive; has many serious conversations; changes residence many times; poor planner; dominated by their spouse; penny pincher but still a poor financial planner; anxious; poor health; over serious; high-strung; cynical; not generous; wavering mind.
  51. Uttara Bhadrapada: Happy people able speakers, children, grandchildren, conquer enemies, virtuous.
  52. Attractive; good problem-solving ability; inspiring speaker; disciplined; kind; compassionate; has principles; contented; generous; submissive yet financially successful; tends to make money on their own; economical; charitable; humanitarian; merciful; smart; benefits from children or beginners; drawn to the unknown; virtuous; happy; wise; loves family; self sacrificing benefits from gifts and inheritance; overcomes enemies; satisfied; service oriented; controls anger; marital happiness; balanced; nourishes others; good advisor. withdrawn; unenthusiastic; develops a set of long-term enemies or gets into disputes that take a long time to resolve; thinks too much about their own outcomes; self-centered financial focus; gossip; lazy; addict; irresponsible; highly emotional.
  53. Revati: Perfect limbs, genial manners, deep learning, riches, no desire to covet the property of others.
  54. Creative thinker; independent; lucky; liked; supportive and gets supported; gifted in the arts; nurturer; promoted quickly; brave; skilled in pleasing; sociable; good counselor; proud; stately presence; sparkling personality; loves/protects animals and pets; longevity; well groomed; good hygiene; might be born into a wealthy family; interested in ancient cultures; selflessness; compassionate; caring. Spiteful especially when hurt or jealous; overindulgent; takes on too many problems from other people which may affect their health; amoral attitudes; doubt ridden; low fertility; gives too much and resentful when not returned; feels inadequate; lack of self-esteem; overly sensitive; stubborn; volatile; codependent; easily disillusioned; lack self confidence; victims; feel unloved; insecure.

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