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Currently living in New Zealand, working part time on country/technology research projects. Spending more time to pursue my interests on studying: ancient scriptures; maths & astronomy; physics; philosophy; history & culture and so on. Maintaining community Web sites like: Asia Open Source Software Program.

Born and brought up in Trichy. After graduating from IIT Madras in 1977, worked as Engineer at Larsen & Toubro Ltd, Bangalore for 8 years. Then, moved to National University of Singapore to work as Researcher for 2 years and obtained Masters degree. From 1987, Served as Consultant and Software developer at Singapore National Computer Board (now GOVtech) for 9 years. From 1996 worked as Consultant/Project Manager/Trainer/Researcher for CICC and JETRO, Singapore for 14 years.

I have traveled extensively in the Asia Pacific region to form alliances and initiate/execute projects. During research days, I have published over 40 technical papers in various international conferences and journals, on automation, artificial intelligence, production management, and image/document processing.
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my home
New Zealand is my current home.
India is my birth place.
Singapore has been my work place.

My wife Geeta is Laboratory Systems Manager, at Road Science, Auckland.
My first son Aswin, graduated from Auckland university, works as Informatics Fellow, Centre of Advanced Imaging, University of Queensland, Brisbane. Aswin married to Lavanya, Senior Public Health officer based in Brisbane.
Second son Akshaiy, graduated from Auckland university, SAM Consultant, SAM Computer Systems Ltd., Auckland.

Father: Trichy Venkataraman [13 December 1907 -13 June 1980]. Teacher at St. Josephs, Trichy (1924 – 1966).
Mother: Madhuram [1 May 1919 -12 September 2005]

Nara has one brother and three sisters:
Eldest sister Late Soundrakokilam, married to Amrithkumar - 1 married daughter
Elder brother is Mathrubootham, married to Uma - 2 sons and 1 grand child
Elder sister Anandhi, married to Late Mohan Panchu - 2 sons and 1 grand child
Younger sister Meenakshi, married to Ramachandran - 1 son, 1 daughter and 2 grand children


Parents: Trichy Venkataraman - Madhuram

Paternal Grand Parents: Trichy Ramaswamy-Asanambal
Paternal Great Grand Parents: Kanchi Subramanian-Kamakshi & Komal Narayanaswamy-Madhuram
Paternal Great Great Grand Parent: Tiruvallur Ramachandran-Seetha (mullu thatha Patti)

Maternal Grand Parents: Srivanchiyam Subramanian - Meenakshi
Maternal Great Grand Parents: Srivanchiyam Sivachidambaram - Mangalambal & Kappanamangalam Ganapathi-Muthulaxmi muthamma
Maternal Great Great Grand Parent: Thirumalairayanpattinam Mahaganapathi - Mahalaxmi (mullu thatha Patti)

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