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GOD and me

GOD created everything including us. We created names and forms for GOD.
GOD created everyone unique. We created groups based on birth, possessions, colour and belief
GOD distributed planets,stars and galaxies in the sky. We invented astronomical patterns and astrology.
GOD by definition, created all of us. So, GOD is universal to all including non-believers.
Secular means respecting all religions or belief systems. Equal treatment to every belief system including agnostics/atheists. Live and Let live. Agree to Disagree!


  1. GOD is THE primal cause responsible for creations or trigger for creation. GOD is Unknown or not describable, because nothing existed before creation except GOD. This can be an open loop starting with starting point and no end. End point may be back to GOD. THAT (unknown GOD) is the ultimate reality.
  2. Some sages thought about eternal and infinite loop/cycles having no starting or end point. Some find it difficult to imagine. mathematically circle or surface of sphere with no start or end points.
  3. Some sages avoided discussion on start or end point, as it leads no where. They want to live in present and stress on Dharma or Universal law which governs everything.
These 3 basic concepts have given rise to thousands of models and variations. Unfortunately people fought with each other on their own models to be right ones.
All above are part of Hindu Philosophies.
Like the individual droplets rising from a pool of water, we exist as a unique individual entity for a brief moment. Then we rejoin the pool of "life force" from which we originated.
We could never reconstruct it, with the exact same molecules and impurities.

It will again become part of the whole from which new droplets will be created. We will cease to be the "I" when we die, and merge back into the "us", from which will come a new, future "I"s consciousness somewhere in our universe.

Paramatma or GOD is "US"
Jivatma or self is "I"

Metaphors (more to come)

The definition of a metaphor is "a figure of speech containing an implied comparison, in which a word or phrase ordinarily and primarily used of one thing is applied to another." A situation is compared to a real thing, although the situation is not actually that particular thing. So, metaphors are right up to a point and wrong after that point. It is just to understand a complex concept in simple words.
Different people have given different interpretations for some universal truths (from their own view point). You can take whatever appeals to you.

  1. GOD is like ocean and we human beings are drops. Ocean is responsible for the creation of drops which exists and goes back to the ocean. In the same manner human beings are created by GOD and they returns back to GOD
  2. GOD is the ocean and we are the waves. Waves exist temporarily and merges with the ocean.
  3. Both GOD and the living entity are known as atma. GOD is called Paramatma, and the living entity is called the jiva atma. Both are the same, and this knowledge causes liberation.
  4. Paramatma is the unified whole, characterized by multiple forms. All diversity is subsumed to a unified whole.
  5. GOD is super soul and we are individual or atomic souls. The Upanisads compare the atomic soul and Supersoul to two friendly birds sitting within the same tree. One of the birds (the atomic soul) is eating the fruit of the tree, and the other bird (the Supersoul) is simply watching as the neutral observer or witness. Some observe, supersoul also guides us through inner voice, which many ignore.
  6. GOD is the only reality and everything is illusion. (what you see is not what is real). By removing illusion, one can see the truth.
  7. Creations are just GODs dream. Creations, which are divine in nature also dream. Dreams with in dreams (which can be end less), is how infinite universe came in to being.
  8. GOD is original object and we are like images in a mirror.
  9. Original knowledge of everything is GOD. We are all small bit of knowledge. Knowledge can be multipled any number of times, with out affecting the original. Original knowledge is eternal, as knowledge can not be destroyed.
  10. Everything is a black hole and black hole inside a black hole. A black hole is bounded by a well-defined surface or edge known as the “event horizon”, which contains all knowledge or information on contents of black hole. GOD is like event horizon, sum of all knowledge. (more information from information is always conserved, holographic principle, Information stored in a Planck-sized remnant. https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/d/d4/BlackHole.jpg/300px-BlackHole.jpg)
  11. GOD is the original light. There is the screen of ignorance, which creates shadow play and we are characters in that play.
  12. All are like individual colours of rainbow. Every one represents an infinitely small band of wavelength. GOD is the total rainbow.
  13. GOD or Bhagavan is like a father and mother combined. Creations came from him and GOD takes care of us like children.
  14. Individual self (jivatma) is both different as well as similar to GOD (Paramatma). Contradiction is the basis of the universe.
  15. Everything is a circular ring, created by GOD from the center. We all form circumference (equidistant from GOD). Centre for the ring exists, but can not be see.
  16. We are all made up of same divine matter. We all are like jewels made up of gold, which came from divine.
  17. We are all electric devices or for simplicity bulbs. GOD is like electricity, illuminating all bulbs. Each bulb is different in sizes, brightness and active life. Physical bulb represents our body. As long as bulb (body) is working and electricity (GOD) is present, bulb can give light.
  18. GOD is the highest reality, the cause of creation and the controller of all.
  19. GOD is our Master or our "Swami". We are his belongings.
  20. We are all merely players or performers in a large play created and controlled by GOD. We have to act well our part and exit gracefully.
  21. GOD is the “Intelligent Designer” of a self-organizing universe and all processes taking place in the universe.
  22. Physical or natural laws are an expression of the divine will, the ultimate source of order. We are expected to respect laws and live accordingly. But GOD is beyond all laws.
  23. There are 3 items: material nature; Individual mind or consciousness or soul; and GOD or paramatma. Our body is material nature. The illumination plus mind is jivatma and the illumination alone is paramatma. Objects is to get maximum illumination. Bright ones are enlightened souls.
  24. உள்ளம் பெருங்கோயில் ஊனுடம்பு ஆலயம்
    வள்ளற் பிரானார்க்கு வாய்கோ புரவாசல்
    தெள்ளத் தெளிந்தார்க்குச் சீவன் சிவலிங்கம்
    கள்ளப் புலன்ஐந்தும் காளா மணிவிளக்கே!
    The siddhas of the south India described the body as “Temple” relating the physical body to the aspects of divinity. The heart is a huge temple, a place where GOD resides. Mouth is equal to the entrance of a temple. So, by reciting good things, one can reach the divinity. They described the soul of those enlightened beings as GOD itself. They have realised that they are a part of the Cosmic Energy (GOD). Five senses are the reason for us to suffer in our life. If we are able to control these senses and make these senses to act as lights to show us to the path to reach GOD.


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