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Believe in God, not false Godmen!

There are too many false godmen and women, from all religions. One can attend few cultutal, yoga/meditation or lecture classes, if they are helpful. One should avoid all who are involved in criminal activities and making wealth illegally.
I have met many great personalities, who do not run an organization, but live like an ordinary person, living a quiet life. They are outstanding people with wisdom. They contribute a lot to society in a small way, making a great impact.
Learn what is applicable to you and take responsibility for our own choices and decisions. There is some truth in every belief system (faith or religion) in the world. The clashes would increase and lead to suffering if every system claims theirs is the best and perfect one.

Great know, "they know nothing"

A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing. When people know a little bit about something it is easy to see themselves as an expert, but the longer time they spend, the more they realize they don't understand anything.
Someone who knows little is an expert.
One who has learnt a lot, knows he/she knows a little.
One who has understood, knows he/she knows nothing at all.

Person of Wisdom

  1. True person of wisdom, will come from all walks of life. They do not wear any uniform or belong to any particular cult.
  2. They may be engaged in any profession. Mathematicians see God in mumbers. Musicians see divinity in notes. Learned see God in scriptures. All can see God in doing their duty (karma) or service.
  3. A person of wisdom may not do any advertisement or marketing to make commercial benefits
  4. Many enlightened persons may be part loners not antisocial. Being extremely focused and having a passion for abstraction. This is an inherent ability. They want to focus on a particular subject.
  5. They are beyond the limitations of religion, region, caste, race, creed, nation, language, birth, works, knowledge, time, education, truth, renunciation, enjoyment, etc.
  6. They will mean, what they say. They do, what they preach. They are unbiased and tell the truth. They do not claim to be anything special, compared to others.


A sadhu is a saintly person who has renounced the material world, giving up all possessions, social position, and family life. A true sadhu is considered to be of the highest social order, and they are also known as sannyasi or yogis.

Beware of false Godmen

Many people declaring them to be Godmen, are just using our insecurities for their benefit. People are drawn by their speech. They mix real science with pseudo science very well that people begin to trust them.
These people are all over the news, magazines, everywhere, marketing their products and services. They know how to become wealthy. They are expert in avoiding taxes like issue only donation receipts evading tax
People regard story tellers, musicians, magicians, good administrators and spiritual business men as Gods/Godman, with super natural powers. As in Bajagovindam, many godmen just pretend to be Gods to earn livelihood.
ஜடிலோ முண்டீ லுஞ்சிதகேஸா | காஷாயாம்பரபஹுகர்தவேஷா|
பஸ்யணபி சந பஸ்யதி மூடா| உதரநிமித்தா பஹுகர்தவேஷா|
- There are many who go with matted locks, many who have clean shaven heads, many whose hairs have been plucked out; some are clothed in orange, yet others in various colors --- all just for a livelihood.
We (including great personalities) are trapped in this world of illusions and delusions and take everything we hear and see to be real. Let us free ourselves from superstitious belief systems. Accepting the ultimate Truth “I don’t Know” will set us free.
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