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Supernatural powers

Supernatural powers exist in the outside world and also within one's own being. Intellectual power may be supernatural and extraordinary. Supernatural power may be rare power (outlayers in normal distribution, 4 or 5 sigma.
Miracles may occur, although we may not be able to explain them in our language with the help of contemporary science. Some people possess psychic powers, beyond scientific explanation.
Earth might have been visited by UFOs or powerful aliens, to account for so many Supernatural stories.

Persons of miracles

However, miracles should not be taken as a proof of someone’s spirituality or prophethood. The aim of persons indulging in such practices may be to gather name, fame and wealth by displaying some supernatural feats. Similar conclusions have been arrived at by Dr. Paul Brunton who toured India extensively to arrive at the truth of the so-called yogis and fakirs.

No one in this world is easier to exploit than a desperate person. All will go unimaginable lengths to find a miracle cure for suffering dear ones. Unfortunately, others seek to benefit and capitalize on their desperation.
There are organizations or Companies, who promise of painless treatment and full recovery from cancer. Claims are not validated. With the sheer scale of cancer incidence around the world there is an endless demand for miracle cures, and someone will always be ready to supply them when there’s money to be made.

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