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Mythology usually refers to the collected myths of a group of people. Mythology refers to a set of legends, stories, or beliefs, especially ones that illustrate a religious or cultural tradition. Myths are very powerful. It binds culture, community, religion, nation together.

Why Myths?

  1. People like stories, especially super natural
  2. Movies and entertainment industry can create business out of it
  3. Political/community leaders can use it to form interest groups, which can become their support groups.
  4. Convey scientific facts and ideas. People have associated objects in the sky, the Earth, and aspects of their physical world with the gods and goddesses.

Hindu Myths

Many of the myths, beliefs, and mythologies surrounding the religion are very old (few thousand years old). So, many of these mythologies may have gone through a number of retellings over the years. There are also cyclical periods of time that repeat themselves after a certain interval.
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