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Spirituality is a Life Journey seeking TRUTH.
பொய்மலையில் தொலைந்தது உண்மை
உண்மையைத் தேடி ஆன்மிகப் பயணம்
Truth is lost in mountain of lies.
Spiritual journey in search of hidden truth.

Not sure about destination or destination is not important.
Just Enjoy the Spiritual journey!
  1. There is no single, widely-agreed definition of spirituality.
  2. Spirituality can be a feeling/experience of connecting to something bigger and powerful than ourselves.
  3. Seeking answer to our questions. ("Who are we?". There is a belief in existance of something, beyond our chemical bodies and the mind. We are Souls? What is a soul?).
  4. Spirituality is the search for Ultimate Reality;
  5. Spirituality is the Path to achieve blissful experience (completely happy and contented).
  6. Spirituality is not just practising some rituals, but being good, honest and finally peaceful and accept natural laws like impermanence.

Spirituality: seeking answers

As we grow up in any system, we are told some things. Later, We start to analyze, question and seek answers. There will be urge to find "underlying truth".

There are no one like spiritual leaders. Just look for wisdom from every where, from ordinary folks—people just like you and me.

  1. Some will accept some one as guru and believe whatever told by that guru.
  2. Some may accept texts or scriptures as divine origin, and looks for answers in that.
When one finds some answer, answers in turn leads to another set of questions. Questions-Answers- further questions is an infinte web. Is life a riddle?
  1. Some will stop some convenient intermediate point, to teach what they have found. They may start organizations to propagate their findings. After them, some will inherit the spiritual enterprise. It may even grow into a big spiritual empire. Like any commercial business, success depends on marketing and ability to attract customers.
    There will be competition among spiritual organizations, every one trying to prove theirs was the solution. Few will survive and others disappear.
  2. Some with thirst for knowledge, start a new search which leads to further searches and are always busy with their search. Some may not even argue with fellow seekers on who is right or wrong. Some sadhus stay away from the civilization, enjoy their endless search for ultimate truth.
  3. One can take many paths along the way. You can stop, at any convenient point and recollect your experiences.

Science - Spirituality

Science is more than facts and patterns. Everything should be explained and proved. You should understand how one fact follows from another and (ideally) you should be able to continue till every thing is explained. But many things are not explained or understood.

Science/technology helps to see the whole picture and to find the shortest ways to solve real world problems. Spirituality can complement Science, in understanding Unknowns.

The scientific literature on health-related effects of spiritual experiences is growing. Spiritual beliefs and practices reduce depression, stress and anxiety and provide people a sense of meaning and purpose.

Spirituality is a journey

Spirituality is a journey with no destination. Knowledge is infinite. More you know, you realize more you do not know. Inquisitive will still search, knowing that it can not be known. They are similar to scientists, who are trying to understand nature, till they die.

Rich/poor, Scholar/Ignorant, ... all end in the same way, understanding nothing, compared to what to be understood. Enjoy the journey with out worrying about the destination. You will not be alive to see the destination.

Everyone has to travel in their unique path. We can only share our experiences.

For example, One who says, "I can not describe God fully or have not understood God", has understood God.
One who is confident to describe God, has not understood God.

Many are not able to accept that Spirituality is a journey with no destination. They look for definite answers, and can not accept, "Donot know" answer. They look for popular teacher, who can give some answer, to make them happy or satisfied.

Spirituality - Simplicity

Spirituality and Simplicity are related.
1. Simplicity is about balancing a life of material and spiritual values.
அருளில்லார்க்கு அவ்வுலகம் இல்லை பொருளில்லார்க்கு
இவ்வுலகம் இல்லாகி யாங்கு. Kural 247
In material world, can not live without possessions/wealth. In other world (spiritual), one need grace, compassion, kindness etc
2. A middle path through life is characterized by neither excess nor deficit, but by sufficiency.
3. The wisdom is to know how much is sufficient
Knowing or understanding is intelligence (knowledge)
Doing or practicing it is Wisdom

Simple solution is the best solution!

Is Spirituality Seeing simpleness in complex and vast nature of Universe?

Spiritual practices can be very simple one like:
1. A short, simple, focused prayer, connecting to something infinite like Nature.
2. Trying to understand/appreciate complexities of nature (universe) around us.
3. Thanking and Acknowledging good done to us.
4. Help someone or do good to living beings around.
5. Avoid harming or hurting others

Feel God/Truth/Eternal Reality in your own way

Many believe in God or Great energy/force or Nature or almighty, which is called Spiritual beliefs. We all believe in so many unknown things including God.

"To believe or not believe in god, both concepts are intellectual". God is too complex for humans to create an accurate conception. It is not possible to comprehend God, which is unlimited?

Gods exist, as concepts and there are too many definitions. So belief in any definition of GOD, is more an Individual preference.

Divine presence can be felt in all the actions we perform.

  1. Yogis find God meditation
  2. Vedanthis find God in understanding scriptures/philosophies and contemplation.
  3. Priests find God in rituals and chanting divine prayers/slokas
  4. Artists find God in paintings and sculptures
  5. Scientists find God in Laws of Nature
  6. Mathematicians find God in beauty of numbers
  7. Musicians find God in ragas, talas and ...
  8. Many find God in serving people ...
  9. Everyone can find God in their profession or in what one does
We can experience God in ordinary circumstances: in a morning sunrise or a quiet walk. We can sense his power in creation and his presence/rule in its order. Mercy for the weak and Justice prevails for the wicked.

Australian Natives

One of the oldest cultures in the world is the native Australians. These cultures hold so much wisdom. Natives were hunters in balance with nature, trading with Papa New Guinea and Indonesia, eating fresh seafood, native fruits and plants.

They do not buy,sell or own land. Land belongs to everyone. Jamie - Indigenous voices of Australian

Every cell/molecule/atom in our body comes from air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat.
“It’s very possible that we’re sitting on atoms that were within our ancestors (including animals and plants).”
Everything is connected and needs respect — not just humans, animals, trees and rocks — but land and sky, and past and present.
There is no difference between us and kangaroo grandfather … no differences between us and our brother, Tasmanian devil.
“Kinship means that we can be gentle with each other.”
- Jamie, Indigenous voices of Australian

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