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Wisdom does not come from learning. It is about being realistic and courageous to accept. A coward runs away from his/her responsibility or Karma.

Contradictory sayings

All advices and sugggestions come in opposing pairs. Wisdom is to use correct one for the situation. Following sayings or explanations disagree with one another. What is “right” for one person or situation is not necessarily right for another. Let us have wisdom to choose the correct one suitable for us for the appropriate situation
  1. Haste makes waste. - Time waits for no man.
  2. If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. - Don't beat your head against a stone wall.
  3. Two heads are better than one. - Paddle your own canoe.
  4. With age comes wisdom. - Out of the mouths of babes come all wise sayings.
  5. GOD is every where - Go to long list of temples
  6. Prayer should be simple - Long list of slokas, rituals to be done
  7. ------ long list

Story from Pilarkhana Forest - near town Mulki/Sooda, in Karkal of Udupi district. There was a King Pashupathi ruling ancient Tulu kingdom. His son, Prince Kulasekhara did not get along with his father and so Prince leaves Tulunadu and goes to Prayag to study/learn from a great teacher vidya sagar, who is good at arts, war and philosophy. His friend siva, who was a good philosopher and fighter leaves with him.
At Prayag, Both learn a lot from the teacher and become experts in 5 years time. One day teacher, teaches them importance of control of senses and passion and quotes from Bhartrhari.
Kulasekhara was having an affair with Moha, an artist/dasi living nearby the ashram and he has fathered a son. He is afraid that his father will not accept him to marry her. So, he tell his problem to Siva and both go to meet Moha. Moha says she has a aged daughter from a great man and Kulasekhara is responsible for the son. Siva advises Moha about morality with quote from scriptures and tells her that she should not have seduced the prince (Vairagya Shatakam by Bhartrhari - Condemnation of desire). He blames her for all the problems. Moha thanks Siva for his advice and appreciates his in depth knowledge, gained from the guru.
Moha says, wisdom does not come from learning. Wisdom is about being realistic and accepting reality. His highly learnt and educated teacher is responsible for the first daughter vidya and he was afraid of his position to keep his promise, by accepting her. He wants to enjoy benefits of marriage, with out paying for it. But she has courage to bring up the girl as her daughter. But his teacher a coward, wanted to run from his responsibility or Karma.
காமம் அர்த்தம் தர்மம் ஜீவனம்
Life is satisfying one's desires by acquiring things by right means. So, Bhartrihari wrote all 3 Vairagya Shataka, Neeti Shataka and Shringar Shataka
{அறம் பொருள் இன்பமே வாழ்வு.
அறத்தான் வருவதே இன்பம் }
ஆத்மானஸ்து காமாய ஸர்வம் ப்ரியம்
All relationships are governed by commitment, conditions, expectations.
இதம் பஹு பிரசித்தம் this is very well known.
வச்தவிக ஜீவிதம் - living realistically, Solution for all problems or issues is to be realistic and wisdom is all about accepting reality.
This is not new. There was a sage Viswamitra, who lived a life of strong austerities, was attracted to Menaka and together they begot a beautiful daughter. Infuriated at his mistake, Viswamitra turned down Menaka and her daughter. Menaka left the newborn infant in the forest. Sage Kanava taken by kindness, he decides to take the child home and names her 'Sakuntala', which means one fed by Shakunta birds. Sakuntala grows up to be a beautiful young lady just like her mother Menaka. One day, King Dushyant, while returning from a deer hunt, happens to stop by the hermit's cottage and falls for Sakuntala. They secretly marry and King leaves after some time. After months of waiting, when she fails to hear anything from the king, Sage Kanava arranges for the visit of Sakuntala to the royal court of King Dushyant. On her way, she stops by a lake to drink water and unfortunately the royal marriage ring slips out of her finger and a fish swallows it. She reaches the royal palace, but Dushyant fails to accept her. Dejected, she returns back to the forest. Sakuntala gives birth to a son, Bharath.
But after one failure, Moha trusted Kulasekhara and finds that he is also like his teacher. Like cycle of samsara, one is not able to give up, even if cheated or loose once. Life is just a series of trials, winning and loosing.
Siva leaves Kulasekhara for Tulu nadu with a note that he had learnt all valuable things from Moha and there is no point in wasting any more time with Guru. He advises Kulasekhara to be a person of real wisdom. After few days Kulasekhara also leaves for his Kingdom along with Moha and her children. On reaching his Kingdom, he learns that his country is fighting with an enemy and his aged father is not able to protect and dying. Kulasekhara leaves with his cousin Pashupathi to fight, leaving Moha and children in their forest house with royal guards. Forest house is located near an avadhuta ashram, where his old friend Siva now called Sivabrahmam, is is incharge.
Kulasekhara wins the war, but dies in the battle. He tells Pashupathi about his wife and son. He requests him to take them to his father and tell them every thing. But Pashupathi has an evil comander/friend Veera, who advises him to hide them and claim the throne for him self from the dying King. Veera captures Moha and her son and keeps them in a prison in an unknown place. During capture Moha is physically and mentally injured. One guard escapes with Vidya, and go to the palace. Vidya works as an entertainer for new King, Pashupathi.
Veera demands top minister/commander position from King. He also blackmails him for money, as he can expose the King. Now Vidya is King's mistress and see Kings distress. Using her position, she finds out lot of secrets at the palace.
Sivabrahmam is recognized as great saint and teacher by people. Pashupathi invites Sivabrahmam and hold lot of discussions. Pashupathi is not able to free himself from guilt and lead a normal life. He asks saint to enlighten him on "real self and so on". When saint gives complex scriptural, explanations, his mistress Vidya was able to explaing everything with following simple slokas.
(1) Who are we?
சித்தம் சிவலிங்கம் இதயம் பத்மநாபாம்
சரிரம் பஞ்சபூதம் த்வம் பரப்ரஹ்மம்
Mind/Intelligence is Sivalinga. Heart/emotions/life force is Padmanabha.
Body is five natural elements. True self (or essence) is Ultimate reality.
Heart represents characters like softness, care, love, affection, motherly feelings.
Brain represents mind, though it is not mind. The right side of brain has the masculine qualities like logic, valour, organized thought process. Left side of brain is considered as feminine with characters like intuition, creativity, and superstitious belief. All humans have both masculine and feminine qualities
(2) What is Ultimate reality?
ஸ்வதஸித்தம் ஸர்வதாப்தம் அக்ரியம் ஆநந்தரூபம்
Always there as essence or realisation, every where present, permanent or unchangeable, blissful form
நிஷ்கலம் நிஷ்க்ரியம் நிரஞ்சனம் நிர்பயம்
Complete with out individual parts, not changing or beyond time, knows everything, fearless
நிர்மலம் நிரவத்யம் ஸுத்தம் ஷாந்தம்
with out any defects or impurities, it can not be made impure, pure, Peaceful
இத்யேவ அஜ்ஜாதா பூர்ணவஸ்து ந-தத்வம்
This is the philosophy behind true form or characteristics of unknown complete item or object (Brahmam)
Siva observes some resemblance to Moha. Pashupathi is perflexed with Vidys's wisdom and he started confessing some of his evil deeds and his issue with Veera. Both Pashupathi and Veera are unaware of Vidya's back ground and her knowledge on their past plots.
One day King falls and dies and Veera becomes a new King. Veera forces Vidya to be his mistress. Vidya suspects that Veera has killed Pashupathi. She works out a nice plan to take revenge. She seduces Veera and steals the key to the secret prison, by replacing with a dummy. One night she escapes and rescues her mother and brother and takes refuge at the ashram.
Veera got the news and rushes to ashram with selected guards and some officials. Vidya has already got small number of loyal soldiers for help. Vidya shows real prince and announces the evil deeds of Veera. She asks sivam to fight and save her. She was injured by Veera, who is trying to over power her. Sivam intervenes when her life was in danger, fights Veera and wins. Veera was heavily wounded and taken as a prisoner.
Soon, important people from the Kingdom arrive at the ashram and real Prince was crowned. Veera was put in the same prison, where he imprisoned Moha and the prince.
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