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  3. Learner - Who is Guru or Teacher?
  4. What is Freedom?
  5. Ethics and Technology Development
  6. Political Economic Geography History
  7. Compassion is God - World Day of Social Justice
  8. Minimalists: Making life simple and enjoyable
  9. Vegetarianism
  10. Mother Nature
  11. Theorey of Unknown
  12. Half life - change is inevitable
  13. Everything is a dots game of connecting dots
  14. Two sides of coin
  15. zero to infinity

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my home

I am a freelance consultant, currently helping international organizations such as Center of International Cooperation for Computerization (CICC) Japan and some technology companies. I also do contract research for Universities and Public organizations. I am also the chair person for Asia Open Source Software Program [www.asia-oss.net].

From 1996 to June 2010, I was a consultant, with Center of International Cooperation for Computerization (CICC) Singapore office, helping them on technology management, ICT manpower development and Internationalization projects. Prior to this I was a consultant with ITI, R&D arm of Singapore National Computer Board (Now Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore or IDA) for eight and half years. I have over seven years of industrial experience in development and manufacturing of construction equipment (at Larsen & Toubro: L&T India) and over ten years of application software development experience. I have traveled extensively in the Asia Pacific region to form alliances and initiate/execute projects.

During research days, I have published over 40 technical papers in various international conferences and journals, on automation, artificial intelligence, production management, and image/document processing. I hold a Bachelors in Technology in mechanical engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology (I.I.T), Madras and Masters in Engineering from the National University of Singapore.
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my home

New Zealand is my home.
India is my birth place, where I had my education and engineering career.
Singapore has been my work place for last 30 years.

My wife Geeta works as Application Support Analyst at Asurequality, Auckland. My first son Aswin, has completed his Biomedical engineering at Auckland university and working as Software Developer with Centre of Advanced Imaging, University of Queensland, Australia. Second son Akshaiy, has completed his degree in Computer Science at Auckland university. Akshaiy also holds NZIM certificate and diploma in Business. Working as Sales Consultant at Brand Developers Limited.